Publication on Tiny Text

Over on Twitter, Tiny Text recently published one of my micro-fiction pieces. You can check it out here:



End of the Year Update

As this year comes to a close, I look forward to the writing/reading chaos I have set myself up for in the coming year. travel-420011_1280I have nearly maxed out my reading list for 2016 and the year hasn’t even begun yet. VellichorCafe nearly has 100 follows and it’s magazine submissions will be opening soon. I am also going to be teaching Language Arts as a new teacher in the coming weeks. All while still writing my own novels and working on my short story submissions.

I can’t wait. Happy New Year everyone!



Today I have reached 20 follows on! It’s a small stepping stone, but one I am really happy to reach, especially considering it’s only been existing for one month. I hope to make it a very connected community of writers all helping one another to get published.

In the future, I hope to offer a writing-crash-course on it to help increase writing skills, conduct interviews with writers, and post a ton of contests for everyone!

Meanwhile, I am submitting to contests myself, working on becoming a contributer for a retro-gaming website, oh, and I am preparing my first European trip to Spain, Morocco, and Rome. I am very excited to see the things I’ve only studied about in art history. Plus, I have been given a brand new journal to record my experiences in. I can’t wait!

Introducing: Vellichor Cafe

My brain-child is fully launched and constantly being updated. I look forward to meeting new writers and working with some more amazing people in the future. You can check it out to see submission dates for magazines, links to free ebooks, and helpful advice articles.